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Ways To Convert Social Users Into Website Traffic

 It’s time to channel that audience onto your own platform via a link to your new blog post.You set up your compelling, marketer-approved headline.  You make sure the image looks nice. 

Social traffic can be difficult to convert, but today, we are going to look at a few ways to bring that audience to your own website at a more efficient rate.

1. Make Natives Native and Promos Promotional

Optimize native ads for native advertising. Make them look natural and use the type of content your audience is sharing already. That’s the whole point.Optimize sidebar/header ads for the sidebar. Use the type of headlines and offers that make people stop what they are doing and re-read your ad. That’s what those ads are for.If you trust the channel enough to spend your money on it, buy-in fully and optimize for that specific channel.

2. Create Custom Images For Your Tweets

Using multiple, customized images for the same post gives you multiple opportunities to engage with users and works much better than simply sending out the same tweet repeatedly.

Custom images also work particularly well for curating content, for a number of reasons:

  • Allows you to post from a variety of sources while maintaining a high level of image quality on your feed.
  • Differentiates your curated posts from the hundreds of other feeds posting the same content.
  • Signals influencers that you were interested enough in their content to create a custom image.

3. Use Audience-Created Content

Getting users to generate content requires the following:

  1. Give customers an opportunity to receive something they want.
  2. Incorporate your brand in a meaningful way.
  3. Encourage content that is highly shareable.

4. Everything’s Better With Video

Video can be a bit scary for some business owners. Why?

  • It’s more complicated to produce than other types of content.
  • Higher costs for top-level work as compared with other mediums.
  • What in the world do I film?


Your social channels should be working for you. They will never be your highest converting channel, but you might as well get the most out of your audience-building investments.


16 4, 2016

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