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The BEST Guide to Getting Your Startup Listed Online

Are you planning to start promoting your startup? If so, you are probably staring at your internet browser and potentially hundreds of different websites you could sign up for, wondering which ones you should start with, which ones you should actually be active on, and so on and so forth.

Not to mention, you’re probably wondering how long it’s going to take to actually get listed on the sites, how to approach them, and how to speed up the process.

Prepare To Build Your Startup’s Brand

You might be thinking, “Get me to the list of places to submit my startup already.” But, trust me when I say this, if you do the prep work, getting your listings done right the first time will be a much simpler, more efficient process that will save you time and effort. Also, I use the term “listings” to encompass profiles, pages, entries, biographies, etc., as each network refers to them differently.

Get Your Website Live

If you don’t have your startup’s official website live yet, now is the time to get one online. Even if it’s just a domain with a simple “coming soon” page that gets people excited enough to enter their email address to be notified when you launch, that’s fine. You need your website up, as your website link will be needed on just about every listing you create.

Plan To Create Two Types Of Listings

Building your startup’s presence online isn’t just about creating listings for your startup itself. In most cases, depending on the network you are creating the listing on, you will need a listing for the startup itself and the founders, CEOs, and other key people involved in the startup.

For purposes of this guide, we’ll just focus on the startup and one key person (the founder). Assume that if there are more key people in your startup, they will also need to create listings that are suggested for the founder.

Check Your Usernames

KnowEm is your go-to resource for usernames. Before you start creating listings, start by making sure that a common username is available on the most popular sites. This will ensure that you can create a strong brand for yourself and your startup. You want to be…

You don’t want to be…

As a basic rule, you can have up to 15 characters for a Twitter username, so try not to go over that. Then, run usernames for yourself and your startup through KnowEm, which will tell you pretty quickly if they are available as usernames on the top social networks.

This should ensure that you’ll get listings for your startup and yourself under names that are as close as possible to the names you want.

To be completely thorough, click on the Social Networks tab and check your usernames against all the networks in each category. This will check your desired usernames on hundreds of networks in minutes.

Create Profile And Cover Photos

Just about every listing you create will ask for a profile photo, and many will also ask for a cover photo, also referred to as header images, banner images, channel art, etc. Below, for example, you can see the use of the Crazy Egg logo as a profile photo and the use of additional artwork with the text “Visualize where your visitors click” as a cover photo on a Facebook page.

Set Up Primary Listings

Next, you are going to create what I consider your primary listings. They are considered primary because they are the ones that other sites will ask you to link to, connect to, or otherwise reference.

You want to create these listings first in order to avoid a situation like this: You create ten listings for your startup that ask for your Facebook page, causing you to realize you need a Facebook page. So, you create a Facebook page, and then you have to go back to those ten listings to add your Facebook page.

Founder Profiles In Socila Media

Create your own social pages or accounts in all major social medias and link your company page link on it.

Facebook,Gmail,Skype,Linkedin,Twitter,Instagram,Pinterest etc.

In Conclusion

These are not all the ways you can get visibility for your startup, but these are some of the more tried and true methods that are used by everyone from emerging startups to the biggest brands. If you have additional suggestions for other startups, be sure to share them in the comments!

2 4, 2016

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